5 Reasons NOT to Vote for Nikkita Oliver

Don’t Vote for Nikkita Oliver. 5 Reasons Why.

This site was created by a group of concerned Seattle residents to share the truth about Nikkita Oliver (they/them) who is running for Seattle City Council Candidate Position 9.

Oliver presents themself as a likable, open-minded person able to build bridges and work with all stakeholders to improve the city. But is this true?

  1. Nikkita Oliver has repeatedly stated their desire to immediately and completely abolish the police
  2. Nikkita Oliver repeatedly spreads dangerous falsehoods about the Seattle Police Department
  1. Nikkita Oliver is in favor of expanding and encouraging homelessness in Seattle
  2. Nikkita Oliver has been implicated in a corruption scandal involving the Black Brilliance Project and King County Equity Now. 
  3. Nikkita Olivers platform calls for vastly expanded taxes and initiatives that will negatively impact public safety.


“Policing is inherently racist.” – Nikkita Oliver, Vanity Fair 2020


Oliver’s longtime support of anti-societal, pro-violence policies would be devastating for public safety and general livability in Seattle. A seat on the City Council would result in policies designed to make the city even more unlivable, and grant legitimacy to an extremist worldview. 

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